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In the year 1803, Cheyenne Chief Black Wolf, sets out on a vision quest to study the future. He passes through a dimensional gate into the world of the 21st Century where he discovers his alter ego... more »
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About Us

Buffalo Hearts is a film created by the independent film company of LaHonda Films. We are a northern California company located in the redwoods south of San Francisco.

Well, we finally "finished" the most recent edit session (which just means we STOPPED for a time). It seems there is always something else.

We are very excited, however, to announce that BUFFALO HEARTS is up and running at http://www.americafree.tv on their INDY REELS. Very cool. Check it out!


THE SORCERERIf you are interested in participating in the creation of our new and exciting independent film -- THE SORCERER -- call or email our office for more information.

The Sorcerer will soon have its own website where the story board will be available.