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In the year 1803, Cheyenne Chief Black Wolf, sets out on a vision quest to study the future. He passes through a dimensional gate into the world of the 21st Century where he discovers his alter ego... more »
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Director's View

The production of Buffalo Hearts was the culmination of many years of thought, dialogues and dreams. The concept of the resonance of the Amerind influencing our era is one that appeals to me personally. Human beings do not exist in a cultural vacuum but are influenced by all those who have come before us.

Black Wolf represents the deeper aspects of life which can give our day-to-day existence greater meaning. The struggle between Di Abolo and Carlo (as well as Ciano) reflects the eternal battle between intellect and intuition -- with each side presenting its case and allowing the viewer to determine the victor.

This production was a wonderful form of self-expression which I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed directing.

Elanor Togliatti, Director